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Welcome, new players, to Ragnarok Legacy!

As past ragnarok players ourselves, we understand that it can be difficult when joining a new server, and we wanted to make that easier for you all!

A simple step-by-step guide with screenshots:

Step 1:

On Ragnarok Online Legacy, when you log into game, answer the basic question of Xandra NPC. She'll give your 1st Starting Kit:

 photo screenAnarchy005_zpshhpnhvpr.jpg

Step 2:

After successfully answering the Basic Knowledge, she'll warp you out to the main town. Simply click the Freebies NPC in our main town and you shall receive your freebies. Here is a screenshot of what it should look like:

 photo screenAnarchy006_zpsebmz1v25.jpg

Happy gaming Legacians,


  • Kriemhild
    WED 22:00-23:00 +8GMT
  • Swanhild
    FRI 22:00-23:00 +8GMT
  • Fadhgridh
    To Be Announce
  • Skoegul
    To Be Announce
Wings of Freedom
  • Anbu
  • Scab
  • TriPoll
  • James Watt