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Solo Package Application

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How to apply for solo package?


  • Simply comment down the needed information for your solo package
  • Must have at least 10 Vote Points



In-Game Name:
Screenshot of your character in-game must type @points to verify your Vote Points:
Facebook Profile Link:


Complete List of Solo Package:

  • +10 Weapons
  • Supplies
    • Yggdrasil Berry and Seed Box
    • Bubble Gum
  • +7 Basic Armors
  • +5 Basic Armors and Shield
  • +7 Garment and Shoes
  • +4 Tidal Set
  • +4 Sprint Set
  • 2 Sacred Incense
  • 2 Occult Incense
  • Feather Beret
  • Sealed Combat Knife
  • Head Protector Based on Your Job
  • Sealed Wings Based on Your Job
  • Cards:
    • Sealed Tao Gunka
    • Sealed Turtle General
    • Sealed Kiel Card
    • Baphomet Card
    • Raydric Card
    • Marc Card
    • Matyr Card
    • Firelock Card
    • Thara Card
    • Gemini Card
  • And Limited Legacy Costumes


All items are account bounded and application may subject to approval, always check the Event Rewards NPC in Vote Room after applying within 24 hours to claim your Solo Ticket once application is approved.

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