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Guild Package Application

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Introducing the new and improved Guild Package for everyone! 
In preparation for our future wars, we are giving away Guild Packs to every interested guilds who wishes to participate in our GVG/WoE in the future! 
So start teaming up now to avail of this great package! 
It's time to get your PK ON and rock this server!




  • Minimum of 10 members, maximum of 15 members per guild.
  • Guild Leader must have at least 10 Vote Points (type @points in-game to check your vote points)
  • No multiple account is allowed with same Unique ID by Gepard. Each Guild members must only have 1 account in the guild (this will be verified).
  • All members of the Guild must be online during the time of the claim or we won't release it.


How it works?

  • Once your guild is approved, admin will ask for your availability time, further questions to be followed. 
  • It is IMPORTANT that your inventory is NOT OVERWEIGHT and have enough Inventory Space before claiming the package.
  • @gpack and Guild Box
    • @gpack will be received by all of the guild members
    • Guild Box is rare and only the Guild Leader is eligible to claim this
  • Additional rare items are limited to 3 to 5 members only so it's the guild leaders responsible to produce those rares.


How to apply?

  • Guild Leader IGN:
    Guild Leaders Character In-Game Screenshot showing @points to check vote points:
    Guild Name:
    Guild Facebook Page (if available):
    Member Count:
    Members IGN: (ign1, ign2, ign3, ign4 ...)


Complete Guild Package for @gpack ( Exclusively Account Bounded ) :

  • +10 Weapons
  • Basic Supplies
  • Feather Beret
  • Refined Gears
  • Refined Shield
  • Head Protector of your choice
  • Sealed Wings of your choice
  • 2 Sacred Incense
  • 2 Occult Incense
  • Sealed Combat Knife
  • Cards
    • 1 Free Doppelganger Card
    • 1 Gemini Card
    • 1 Thara Card
    • 1 Matyr Card
    • 1 Raydric Card
    • 1 Marc Card
    • 1 Firelock Card
    • 1 Sealed Tao Gunka Card
    • 3 Sealed Turtle General Card
    • 1 Sealed Gloom Card
    • 2 Sealed Kiel Card
    • 2 Sealed Orc Hero

Complete Guild Package for Guild Box ( Respectively Guild Bounded ) :

  • 4 Tao Gunka Card
  • 4 Ghosting Card
  • 3 GTB Card
  • 3 Vesper Card
  • 5 Orc Hero Card
  • 5 Mistress Card
  • 15 Turtle General Card
  • 20 Hydra Card
  • 10 Phreeoni Card
  • 10 Quest Wings
  • Supplies
    • 500 Yggdrasil Berry and Seed Boxes
    • 500 Poison Bottle Box
    • 500 Glistening Coat Box
  • 15 HE Bubble Gum
  • And costumes...




@gpack items are account bounded while all guild box items are tradable between guild members ONLY.
If any member wearing Gpack item(s) gets kicked out or leaves the guild, all of his Gpack items will go back to the Gstorage.
If the guild gets disbanded or dissolved, all items will be deleted.



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